Provincial Skills Canada Competition Results

event Published 2022-05-13T21:20:21.438Z

The philosophy of the Provincial Skills Canada Competition (PSCC) is to reward students for excellence, to directly involve industry in evaluating student performance and to keep training relevant to employers’ needs.

High school students earn the opportunity to compete at the PSCC by earning a spot at a Regional or Qualifying Skills Canada Competition in some events. For other events, they are selected by their teacher to participate.

Gold medalists at the PSCC are further rewarded with an appointment to Team Alberta and an opportunity to showcase their skills at the Skills Canada National Competition, the qualifying event for WorldSkills International.

Congratulations to all of our Grasslands Competitors. We are proud of you all!


2D Computer Animation

Sophia Ruelo and Kendal Bork, BCHS - 2ND

Ella Aurelio and Andrew Hickey, BCHS - 3RD


3D Computer Animation

James Salumbides and Kirby Sadie, BCHS - 3RD

Dylan Delibegovice and Cole deBoer, BCHS - 7TH


Architectural Technology & Design

Edison Hobart, BCHS - 7th


Automobile Technology

Shayden Follett, BCHS - 5TH

Pancho Unger, BCHS - 7TH

Kayden Smith, BCHS - 8TH



Sally Hung, BCHS - 14TH


Cabinet Making

Xander Giroux, Rosemary - 26TH

Corny Neudorf, Rosemary - 27TH

Ruby Cantwell, BCHS - 32ND

Shea Cowin, BCHS - 34th



Ty Caverly, BCHS - 1ST

Cian Rogers, BCHS - 2ND


Culinary Arts

Brooke Wutzke, BCHS 31ST


Graphic Design

Juliana Ruelo, BCHS - 18TH



Alaa Hussein, BCHS - 24TH


Video Production

Emily Yen, BCHS - 21ST


Workplace Safety

Ryan Stacey, BCHS - 2ND